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Only one individual personality preliminary is permitted in center name area in PAN program for Personal candidates.
Applicant is needed to confirm the program information before posting the on the internet program...



Tax deduction or Tan is regarded as the account collection number and it comprises of 10 digits. It is essential that all those people who are responsible for collection of taxes should have this number and this is completely in accordance with the section 203. According to the...



Income Tax Division's effort to get information and sustain information of tax compensated through financial institutions through on the internet publish of challan information is known as as OLTAS (Online Tax Bookkeeping System). Income Tax Division has developed the information file types...


Challan Status Inquiry


You can easily check the Challan status at the following sites

This is how you can do Challan Status Inquiry-

Challan Status Enquiry for Tax Payers:

Using these features, tax payer can track the online status of challans deposited in their banks. This would offer 2 types search.

a) CIN Based View:

On coming into Challan Recognition Variety (CIN i.e. information such as the BSR Value of Gathering Division, Challan Soft Time frame & Challan Sequential No.) and quantity (optional),the tax payer can perspective the following details:

  • Date of Deposit
  • BSR Code
  • Major Head Codes with the description
  • Name of the Tax Payers
  • Challan Number Serial
  • Confirmation of amount that have been entered is correct (if the amount has been entered)
  • Received through TIN on (i.e. receipt date by TIN)

b) TAN Based View:

By providing the Challan Tender and TAN Date range for the specific financial year, tax payer would view following details:

  • Major Head Codes with the description
  • CIN
  • Nature of the Payment
  • Minor Head Codes

If tax payer goes into the quantity against a CIN, the program will validate whether it suits with the facts of quantity submitted by the lender.

Challan Status Enquiry for Banks

Using this, tax collection branch and nodal branch can easily track online status of challan deposited in bank as:

a) Collecting Bank Branch:

On providing division search date and the significant go value - description, the tax gathering division can access the quantity and count of challans for each significant go value. Further, the gathering division can view following details:

  • Challan Tender Dates
  • Challan Serial Numbers
  • Name of the Tax payers
  • PAN or TAN
  • Date of the receipt through TIN
  • Amount

b) Nodal Bank Branch :

On providing nodal scroll dates as well as major head description, nodal branches can see following details:

  • Scroll Date
  • Scroll Numbers Nodal Branch
  • Total Amount
  • Description-Major Head Codes -
  • Number of Challan
  • Number of Branch

Further, for Nodal Branches Scroll Numbers, this information is accessed:

  • Branches Scroll Numbers
  • Branches Scroll Dates
  • BSR Code
  • Total Amount
  • Date of receipt through TIN
  • Number of Challan